About Me


Hi there, name’s Akhmad Hidayat, but people know me better by the name of Disc-Co on the interweb. Been using this nickname since my high school years for so many things, me myself actually doesn’t really know how I could came up with such a name, but since it sounds cool so I continue to use it anyway.

I’m currently live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Working a normal job at day and doing some crazy stuff at night. I used to live in Singapore when I’m still an undergrad student, and then I move back to Indonesia right after graduation. What’s next? I’m thinking to take a master degree and continue my study abroad again.

I’m quite a gamer and a fan of Japanese pop culture. I’ve known games since I was a child, because both of my parents are actually quite a gamer too. I believe they teach me how to play Super Mario Bros when I was 3 years old and we completed Donkey Kong’s Country 2 together when I was 6 years old. As for Japanese pop culture, I began to drown myself into this world in my last year of junior high school after reading a Manga with title of Mahou Sensei Negima. Now I’m a certified Broducer Producer of 765 Pro from The iDOLM@STER series.

I’m also a bit of an audiophile myself. Currently my desktop setup are Sennheiser HD600 with CEntrance DACport, sometimes I swap my HD600 with Grado SR225 for maximum hype when listening rock/metal music. While my portable setup are ATH ES-700 with Hippo Tile Amp, which is not too shabby for all around music genre setup.

So, what do I write here in this blog? Probably all things about what I have mentioned in this page before. Sometimes I might wrote a post about my daily life, my favorite games or anime, my personal thought about certain articles or rumors, etc. I always write in Indonesian before, but I think I’ll try to write in English sometimes from now on.

I think that’s all about it, please do enjoy your stay and have a nice time reading this blog!


31 pemikiran pada “About Me

  1. Salam kenal Disc-Co 😀

    hehehe.. jadi ngebayangin yang manggung di acara kawinan or khitanan itu nyanyi lagu metallica or Megadeth dan tamu serta yang punya hajat pada head banging or moshing (LOL)

    gimana kalo Dream Theater aja? 😀

  2. @siGANTENG
    Ingat kok.

    *lempar siGANTENG ke kawah gunung vesuvius*

    @Widya Perwira Utama
    Salam kenal juga. 🙂

    Dream Theater juga boleh, tapi harus bawain Metropolis. 😛

  3. salam kenal…
    akhir2 ini keknya aku jadi sering berputar2 di antara blog teman2nya lambrtz dan jensen99…

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